DigitalFUTURES Tutorial: XKool, AI Design Cloud

DigitalFUTURES Tutorial: XKool, AI Design Cloud
08 January at 9:00am EST / 3:00pm CET / 10:00 pm China

XKool Technology focuses on the vertical application of cutting-edge technologies such as AI in architecture, assisting developers’ decision-making, urban planning, and architectural design with AI design engines, and promotes an intelligent design and management platform that attempts to cover the whole cycle in the industry. XKool Design Cloud, a cloud-based one-stop intelligent design product for architectural design, includes three major modules: MasterPlanner, BuildingCreator, and ColorMaster. MasterPlanner aims to assist in achieving an optimized planning scheme that is qualified with daylighting and relevant planning standards in China. BuildingCreator focuses on making floor plan design easier with the intelligent generation of space layout, elements, and annotations. ColorMaster colorizes site plans by visual element generation and supports customized style settings. Lastly, X-UrbanTool, an urban planning tool aims to generate several latent urban planning schemes in bigger scale projects. The tutorial will introduce the stated applications and their background, user workflow, and cases.
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