Digital Transformation Case Studies, Fundamentals of Organizational Change Management, NetSuite vs Q


The Transformation Ground Control podcast covers a number of topics important to digital and business transformation. This episode covers the following topics and interviews:
Digital Transformation Case Studies in the Financial Services space (Insurance and Banking Industries), Q&A with audience (Eric Kimberling and Kyler Cheatham)
Fundamentals of Organizational Change Management (Ron Leeman, Highway of Change)
NetSuite vs. Quickbooks (Kyler Cheatham and Kristy Barber, Third Stage Consulting)
We also cover a number of other relevant topics related to digital and business transformation throughout the show.
This weekly podcast series premiers live on YouTube every Wednesday at 8am NYC time / 1pm London / 9pm Hong Kong. You can also subscribe to the podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Pandora, or your favorite podcast platform.
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