Digital self management #DSM -Joe Justice keynote at the LPPDE Virtual Summit

Video reposted with permission from Lean Product Development Exchange (LPPDE), a European Lean professional forum. Original posting here: (https://youtu.be/IolNci6B5xU) Original live event March 9 2023.

I (Joe Justice) will be attending LPPDE live in Munich on April 23-26, you can join the event here: https://lppde.org/lppde-europe-2023-munich/

Digital self-management” (DSM). Teams get empowered through digitalization. Teams self-organize becoming much more efficient and effective than the bureaucratic ways of working, and where leaders command and control every step. With DSM teams are firstly and closely focused on meeting unmet customer needs. When teams themselves become proficient in getting work fully completed in every aspect, they can exceed in both quality and speed. With DSM all tests and quality assurances are automated. And it fosters a culture of experimentation encouraging staff to test new ideas and take calculated risks, since they get instant feedback. By working in short feedback cycles, focused on customer outcomes, progress can be closely followed and monitored in the digital system, without need for managers and detailed supervision. DSM takes out entropy, and enables 80% of the people work on the product all the time. Eliminating waiting on decisions. Quality assuring every change and every product. All people are trusted and empowered.

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