Digital Beats | Can Service Mesh Transform the Future

Adoption of service mesh has begun to gain steam. In this episode of Digital Beats, we’ve invited industry experts to discuss all things service mesh. What is Service Mesh? What problems is Service Mesh trying to solve for businesses? Mr. Li from DongFeng Nissan Data Marketing also shares their firsthand experience partnering with Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh (or ASM). Watch this episode and let us know what you’d like to see next in the comments below.

***Key Moments***
00:00 Can Service Mesh transform the future | Digital Beats
00:19 Guest introductions
01:04 Why do you need Service Mesh?
04:35 Service Mesh vs Kubernetes
07:04 Advantages of ASM (Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh)
07:46 Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh use case
08:18 The problems ASM solved for DongFeng Nissan Data Marketing
10:32 Different types of Service Mesh
13:22 Key capabilities of Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh
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