Digitainability – About the future of universities: sustainable & digital

In this lecture, the experts Tobias Michl, Yasmin Djabarian and Dr. Stefan Ramesohl discussed what a digital and sustainable future for universities might look like. It was the final discussion of our lecture series this summer semester. We will continue in the winter semester starting in mid-October.
The lecture was recorded on 12.07.2021.

About our experts:
Tobias Michl is a Sustainability Officer and Head of the Sustainability Office at TU Munich. In this function, he is responsible for the coordination, initiation and networking of sustainability activities at TUM.
Yasmin Djabarian is a programme manager at the Stifterverband and the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung. Her work focuses on aspects of digitally supported teaching, student participation and innovation processes at universities. She is in the coordinator team of the network for university teaching and contact person for the student Zukunfts-AG DigitalChangeMaker.
Dr. Stefan Ramesohl is co-head of the Digital Transformation and Circular Economy research unit at the Wuppertal Institute. Together with Kerstin Fritzsche, he also heads the CO:DINA, an inter- and transdisciplinary network that aims to put digital transformation at the service of socio-ecological change. His research focuses on including questions about the opportunities and challenges of digitalization for socio-ecological and industrial transformation processes as well as the design and governance of sustainable digitalization through innovation management.

About our lecture series – Digitainability: by, with and for TUM
Our virtual lecture series Digitainability: by, with and for TUM organized by the Professorship of Policy Analysis at the Hochschule für Politik München focuses on two central challenges of our time – digitalization & sustainability.
We want to shed more light on both transformation processes and in particular we want to address the mutual opportunities and potentials, but also risks and problems that arise from this development. The specific focus of the event will be on the areas of universities and education. What can be done here to promote, investigate and put into practice sustainable digitalization or digital sustainability?
Learn more and watch the lecture series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8NRkh-jEED_57Jj7V1OvU-GcwA7yWVXj
For a closer look and more information about upcoming events visit our website: https://www.hfp.tum.de/en/policy/digital-sustainability-transformation-by-with-and-of-tum/lecture-series/

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