Different Ways to Invest

Is it better to pick stocks, buy funds, or hire a financial advisor? Find out the pros and cons of each of these different ways to invest. Get my Ultimate RISE Wealth Plan here https://retirecertain.com/RISE

What are the different ways to invest?
--Hire a financial advisor
-Pros of financial advisors
Can Delegate
Helps you stick to investment plan which keeps you from deviating from selling at the bottom of a bear market
-Cons of financial advisors
Still need to learn how to invest
Strategy Limitations
FA will most likely do one of the following methods for you
--Create a portfolio of index funds or ETFs
This is DIY investing with a self directed ETF portfolio in stocks and defensive assets
Simple, often passive investing and based on asset allocation
No wealth management fees
Takes discipline
May not get the results you need
--Create a portfolio of individual stocks and bonds or bond funds
Can be enjoyable or profitable for someone who is really good at It. Many individual investors enjoy learning how to invest in individual stocks
Selling covered calls increases investment income
Many individual investors do a combination of having an account managed by a financial advisor and also picking stocks.
No wealth management fees
A lot of work
Can get attached to investments
It’s hard to buy individual bonds when you’re a DIY investor

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1. Investing in my 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and now investing in my 60's both alone and with financial advisors I have hired over the years (I now am a DIY investor) in stocks, bonds, alternative assets, and real estate
2. Our accidental alternative retirement plan with income generating assets and wealth building strategies later in life after "stumbling into early retirement" in our 50's.

0:00 Introduction to Different Ways to Invest
1:30 Hire a Financial Advisor
1:40 Pros of Financial Advisors
6:20 What Every Investor Must Do
7:33 ETF Portfolio
7:50 Pros of an ETF Portfolio
11:05 DIY Invest in Stocks and Bonds
11:40 Pros of Self Directed Investing in Stocks
14:55 Cons of Self Directed Investing in Stocks
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