Different Types of Product Managers Explained | PM career, types and skills with Flipkart Ex-PM

Types of Product Managers | Different types of Product Managers | Product management jobs | Product Manager skills

Explore the diverse world of Product Management as we dissect different types of Product Managers in this engaging discussion with Flipkart Ex-PM. From Technical PMs to Growth PMs and everything in between, discover the various career paths, responsibilities, and skills that define each role. Whether you're a budding PM or simply curious about the multifaceted nature of Product Management, this video offers valuable insights to broaden your understanding of this dynamic field. Subscribe now to gain a comprehensive perspective on the types of Product Managers and their vital contributions to the industry.

00:00 Who is a Product Manager
03:45 Skillsets of a Product Manager
08:40 How Does a PM fit in company
09:41 Growth Product Manager
11:52 Technical Product Manager
13:34 Data Product Manager
15:48 Business Product Manager

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