DICE: Orbital Entities Volume 3. Intersectional Justice and Backlash in the German #DeutschRapMeT…

In June this year, an influencer made rape allegations against a well-known German rapper. As a result, a debate about sexualized violence in the German hip-hop scene took place under the hashtag #DeutschrapMeToo. Shortly after, an anonymous collective was formed to collect the experiences of those affected and published them on the social media channel @deutschrapmetoo. The stories on the account illustrate that this is not an isolated incident, but a structural problem in the music industry.

Deutschrap is one of the top-selling branches of the German music industry. It takes a system of uncritical labels, bookers, advertising partners, fans and journalists to enable the violence. At the same time sexualized violence is not limited to the German rap scene:

According to the World Health Organization, 30 percent of all women worldwide experience physical and/or sexualized violence during their lifetime. Hamburg-based author Lower Class Jane and journalist Naima discuss the causes and effects of rape culture in the music industry, the aftermath of #deutschrapmetoo, and the demands and goals for the music industry.

DICE Orbital Entities Volume 3 takes place 30+31 October 2021. More information: http://dice.berlin/orbitalentities
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