Diana Jones: The New Management Model — Guarding Group Relationships

Human action lies at the core of the application of Austrian economics to business: how do people act and how can we develop the best understanding of why they act that way. We apply that thinking to customers, and we can also apply it to business organizations. If we are able to answer these questions well, we can develop a profitable business model and an effective management model. Our guest Diana Jones has a distinctive perspective about the management model that’s based on understanding people’s personal and private experiences rather than their place in the hierarchy or their formal role in the process.

Show notes: https://mises.org/library/diana-jones-new-management-model-guarding-group-relationships

"Trust-Distance Matrix: Assessing the Cost of Distance in Business Relationships" (PDF): https://Mises.org/E4B_148_PDF

Leadership Levers: Releasing The Power Of Relationships For Exceptional Participation, Alignment, and Team Results by Diana Jones: https://Mises.org/E4B_148_Book

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