Diabetes Mellitus | Type 1 Diabetes | insulin and its preparation | management of diabetes

Assalam-O -Alaikum,
Diabetes mellitus is chronic metabolic disease with high prevalent in the world. Diabetes symptoms include polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia with complications including macrovascular complications and microvascular complications. diagnosis of this disease is essential for right management. if you have awareness and prevention methods, you can get good life expectancy. Diabetes latest diagnosis, management, prevention are explained to avoid its complications like retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, foot amputation, cardiovascular disorders and some tips to reverse diabetes.
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I have covered following points here
1. diabetes
2. diabetes type 1
3. management of diabetes
5. hyperglycemia
6. management of diabetes mellitus
7. management of diabetes
8. treatment of diabetes
9. diabetes mellitus type 2
10 treatment of diabetes type 2
11. treatment of diabetes mellitus
12. symptoms of diabetes
13. causes of diabetes
14. diagnosis of diabetes
15. management of diabetes by dr abdul malik
16. insulin and its preparation
17. world diabetes day 2021
18. risk factors of diabetes
19. insulin

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