Diabetes management: Key factors to understanding blood sugar levels.

This video will explain three predictable factors (carbohydrate foods, physical activity and insulin) and three unpredictable factors (stress, growth and illness) that can increase or decrease blood sugar levels.

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*These instructions are part of a teaching program for families of patients at The Hospital for Sick Children. They are provided in addition to detailed hands-on training. We urge you not to follow these instructions without training and advice from a healthcare professional who understands your child's unique needs. Please also review these instructions with your doctor to check if they are suitable for your situation.

Cette vidéo sert à donner des renseignements généraux seulement. Elle ne remplace pas le diagnostic ou les conseils médicaux d'un professionnel de la santé qui a examiné votre enfant et comprend ses besoins uniques. Veuillez consulter votre médecin pour vérifier si le contenu convient à votre situation.



00:05 - Introduction

00:27 - Understanding blood sugar balance

02:03 - The 'predictable' factors

03:30 - Predictable factor 1: Carbohydrate foods

03:47 - Predictable factor 2: Physical activity

06:00 - Predictable factor 3: Insulin

06:31 - Predictable factors

06:52 - The unpredictable factors

07:28 - Unpredictable factor 1: Stress

08:08 - Unpredictable factor 2: Growth

08:33 - Unpredictable factor 3: Illness

08:55 - Factors that affect blood sugar levels
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