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Tzu Chi Medical Foundation is pleased to invite Jennie Quon, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes care and education specialist, to talk about diabetes awareness and prevention.

Millions of adults are living with diabetes. Having prediabetes means your blood glucose (or blood sugar) levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. Prediabetes can sometimes lead to type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Yet, prediabetes can often be reversed or delayed. Therefore, it is very important to raise diabetes awareness and to educate everyone on possible symptoms and ways to reduce risks.

This video covers:
- What are diabetes and prediabetes?
- Understand your risk of diabetes
- A balance diet and healthy eating to keep diabetes away

- 2:08 Ms. Quon:
1) Understanding Diabetes: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Risk Assessment, Diagnosis
2) Lifestyle that lower the risk of diabetes: physical activities, nutrition and diet, adequate quality sleep, stress management
3) Tips for managing diabetes
- 3:36 A snapshot of diabetes in the United States
- 5:15 Prediabetes – could it be you?
- 6:57 Diabetes among Asian Americans
- 10:56 Diabetes is defined as: Abnormal High Blood Glucose Level
- 11:05 Common types of diabetes: Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes.
- 13:56 Insulin Resistance (IR) is closely related to Metabolic Syndrome
- 17:19 Risk factors for prediabetes and diabetes
- 19:14 Prediabetes Risk Test
- 24:52 If your test scored 5 or higher…
- 26:41 The road to Type 2 diabetes: A1C Test, Fasting Blood Sugar Test, Glucose Tolerance Test
- 30:52 Prediabetes: the best time to reverse and prevent diabetes.
- 32:37 NIH Diabetes Prevention Program
- 33:41 Follow five lifestyle changes from a registered dietitian and certified diabetes care and education specialist to lower the risk of diabetes:
(1) Being physically active
(2) Eat a healthy diet
(3) Maintain a healthy weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is important for health. In addition to lowering the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure, it can also lower the risk of many different cancers.
(4) stress management
(5) 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep
- 34:10 Be physically active
- 46:49 Stress and sleep
- 48:03 If you have diabetes, follow Ms. recommendations to prevent diabetes.

Thank you for watching!

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