DF Direct Weekly #47: Sony Acquires Bungie, Switch Fastest-Selling Console, Bloodborne PSX

The Digital Foundry team amass to discuss Sony's acquisition of Bungie, Destiny remaining multi-platform, DLSS arriving for Flight Simulator along with the phenomenal success of the Nintendo Switch. And what's the score with Dying Light 2's resolution reaction?

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00:00:00 Introductions
00:00:33 Sony buys Bungie
00:15:22 DLSS coming to Flight Simulator
00:19:56 Switch is the fastest-selling console of all-time
00:27:25 Bloodborne "PSX Demake" releases
00:31:50 Team17 pledges support for NFT, cancels support for NFT 24 hours later
00:40:51 DF Content Discussion: Dying Light 2
00:50:26 DF Supporter Q1: Do you believe that games on the next generations of consoles from Sony and Microsoft will rely mostly on ray tracing for rendering graphics?
00:52:56 DF Supporter Q2: Do you think the Steam Deck would be capable of becoming a portable 60fps PS3 thanks to the emulator RCPS3?
00:55:55 DF Supporter Q3: How does id Tech 7 avoid the shader compilation stutter issues we see in Unreal Engine games?
00:58:36 DF Supporter Q4: Does DLSS work with Dynamic Resolution?
01:02:05 DF Supporter Q5: When developers get a idea of what hardware will be in next-gen consoles?
01:07:58 DF Supporter Q6: Local hardware combined with cloud based hardware = Super hardware?
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