DevOps Global Summit'22 – Beginners Track

"GitOps and cloud-native K8 apps as a modern DevOps trends"
Online Summit for DevOps Engineers

Schedule: https://geekle.us/schedule/devops22
More info about the event: https://events.geekle.us/devops/
Full Access ticket: https://geekle.us/ticket/1643703725493x900700300089491500
Watch all 2 days of the DevOps Global Summit'22 at https://geekle.us/stage_/devops22

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00:00:00 Starting soon!
00:05:01 Intro by Geekle Team
00:10:56 DevOps for Java Developers: Are we there yet? – by Ixchel Ruiz
01:02:21 DevSecOps - Security tools integration into your pipelines – by Jordan Assouline
01:51:51 Build Serverless workflows with AWS Step Functions – Ben Freiberg
02:36:18 Scale your Kubernetes cluster smarter with Karpenter – by Igor Ivaniuk
03:25:16 Modern DevOps Organization design – by Daniel Jasnik
04:08:09 How to ensure the quality of microservices with automated tests in CI-CD – by Javier Re
04:50:56 Devops and Security at scale – by Alejandro Portela
05:22:07 Low-code no code platform now in Azure DevOps – by Ronald Maravanyika
05:26:35 Short break
05:30:38 Low-code no code platform now in Azure DevOps – by Ronald Maravanyika
05:53:42 Short break
05:56:19 Coding on the Edge: Amazon CloudFront Functions and Lambda@Edge – by Stanislav Tiurikov
06:33:14 Break
06:59:07 rAPPid Prototyping w/ Google Cloud – by Noah Mercado
07:50:06 Observability & monitoring perspective evolution – by Omar David Chemes
08:32:10 End of Beginners Track

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