Developing Leadership Skills With Dr Hannah Perrin

This week, we speak to the wonderful Dr Hannah Perrin - a leading figure in veterinary education. She's worked with Street Vet, Veterinary Management Group, and lectures at the Royal Veterinary College. We talk leadership, education, and identity in the veterinary profession, with Hannah delivering an excellent 60-second CPD on how to build a support network as a leader.

Hannah originally qualified as a pharmacologist, before becoming a practice manager in a specialist exotics practice. Working alongside a variety of professionals from specialists and students, she developed a keen interest in education, research and leadership. Hannah discusses how varied and rewarding teaching can be, and how we can positively influence others through our leadership and teaching style.

In 2010 she went back to school for a part-time Master's degree in Health Services Research while consulting for a variety of first opinion and referral practices, followed by a PhD in Veterinary Education focusing on the development of professional identity in vet students and the transition from student to practice.

She is now Learning and Development lead for VMG (Veterinary Management Group) and Course Director for the VMG/ILM Award, Certificate and Diploma in Veterinary Leadership and Management. Alongside her professional interests, Hannah loves parkrun, coffee and cake.

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Veterinary Ramblings is an 'after-hours' podcast for veterinary professionals, animal lovers and gin enthusiasts, where we split hairs on veterinary issues over drinks. Join Veterinarian Dr Julian Hoad and Anaesthetic Expert Mike Brampton for jokes, interviews with special guests, and a whole lot of CPD under the influence! Dr Julian Hoad BVetMed BSc(Hons) MRCVS is a Veterinary Surgeon and Clinical Director at Crossways Veterinary Group in the UK. Julian qualified as a Vet in 1996 after obtaining degrees in Microbiology and Biochemistry. He's interested in Ultrasonography, Surgery, Rock Climbing, Drama and Tapirs. Mike Brampton is an Anaesthetic Specialist and founded Thames Medical, a leading supplier of Anaesthetic Monitoring Equipment for Veterinary Medicine in the UK. Mike founded Thames Medical in 1993 after working across the world with a variety of species. He's got a few patents to his name and is interested in Capnography, Anaesthetics, Photography, Cycling and Skiing.

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