DevCast Tutorial 24 | CX as Code in Action: Building Contact Centers via CI/CD Pipelines

Topic: DevCast English | Last year we introduced CX as Code, Genesys Cloud's new tool CI/CD tool for defining and deploying Genesys Cloud objects to multiple environments. In this DevCast we are going to show you how to integrate CX as Code with GitHub actions and Terraform Cloud to build a multi-environment Genesys Cloud implementation. This will be a technical DevCast with a focus on the DevOps infrastructure needed to set up a pipeline.

Bio: John Carnell is a Software Architect and Team Lead for the Genesys Cloud Developer Engagement team. John has been with Genesys since 2015. He spent the last 5 years working within the Edge Infrastructure Team and recently took on the job of launching the Genesys Cloud Developer Engagement team. John is a prolific speaker and writer. He regularly speaks at conferences and industry user groups. Over the last 20 years, John has authored, co-authored and been a technical reviewer for a number of Java-based technology books and industry publications.
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