Detroit Urban Survival Training gets NECK CRACKED?!

Filmed and edited by @Lais DeLeon @Lais DeLeon @Lais DeLeon

We finally got to train with @Detroit Threat Management Center

He recently cornered a UFC fight and has been seen training with Penguinz Snoop Dogg and Ric Ross and has a future in TV and WWE.

The ECLECTIKAN Survival System (eclectic meaning blend of styles, and KAN a Japanese suffix meaning a place of learning) was founded in 1993 by Dale Brown. He blended Kyokushin, Japanese Karate, Hapkido Korean Karate, Aikido Japanese Martial Art, Japanese Jujutsu, Japanese Judo, JKD, and Chinese Qinna/Chin Na.

Dale Brown, Founder, and Director of Operations of Detroit Threat Management Center and Detroit Urban Survival Training, used his knowledge of martial arts, firearms training from the military as an Airborne Paratrooper, and experience as a private investigator to create a modern survival tactical training system. Dale created this system to empower people with the ability to protect themselves from violent predators, legally.

The system he created is an Urban Survival Training program that emphasizes the importance of human psychology, self-defense related law, both civil and criminal, and the skills required to escape, control, or immobilize (E-C-I) violent threat, both armed, and un-armed utilizing the least amount of force necessary to achieve the most non-violent outcome possible.

In 1994, Dale Brown began teaching families how to protect themselves on the Eastside of Detroit after a woman was chased of Belle Isle bridge and killed in front of her young daughter, and many helpless witnesses. Dale Brown then realized people needed more help than just education. He believed the community needed physical protection and he created an organization to provide lifesaving assistance that could have prevented this woman’s death!

Dale Brown found volunteers to protect families from violence- in the Eastside Detroit neighborhood he was living in. Multiple apartment building owners agreed to provide free apartments to trained volunteers in exchange for protection of their violence ridden buildings. This approach enabled families to have a good quality of life by stopping the daily home invasions, and monthly murders that have been occurring since 1960’s. As a result, the wealthy apartment building owner’s occupancy increased from 30% to 90%, enabling them to profit for the first time in 30 years. Local businesses also began to thrive because they had customers. The Detroit Police Department reported a 90% drop in violent crime in the 7th precinct and were supportive of our organization.

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