Detroit Threat Management Rescue Mission Hurricane Katrina Volunteer V.I.P.E.R.S. Team

This is a slide show is of a volunteer mission to help residents of New Orleans, Louisiana during the first weekend of flooding we assisted with rescue operations.

We assisted St. Bernard Parish Sheriffs department with protection for their helicopter that was delivering satellite phones at the request of the sheriffs department.

We were asked to assist Navy Seals enter the 9th ward by towing their zodiacs over the levy. The request was made by a Master Chief at camp Katrina. The Master Chief indicated his Seal team was from the USS Navy Ship Tortuga.

We were accommodated on the Mississippi at a covert boat launch, operated by all (Puerto Rican NG) police MP’s. We did not directly interface with seals because we were able to climb the fence of a lock station.The lochs station operator agreed to open the loch for the Seal Team, because the loch is gas operated and off the power grid.

We were requested by the Navy away team from the USS Tortuga to assist with rescue operations and we were joined by 82nd airborne paratrooper‘s.

We were on the approx 15 zodiacs as we searched the ninth ward, and multiple bridges, and a four story elementary school for survivors.

This was a great experience in emergency management that helped change our training methodologies as a result.

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