Destiny FINALLY Weighs In On MrGirl Versus Dr K Drama

Destiny weighs in on the Dr K and MrGirl drama following NotSoErudite's talk with MrGirl...

Date: 3 Feb, 2022

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00:00:00 Teasers / Intro
00:01:05 Was the MrGirl convo messy?
00:11:05 False dichotomy, maybe Reckful would've ended things eariler
00:20:45 Do you have opinions about Dr K?
00:30:46 One thing Dr K does that makes Destiny a lil nervous...
00:35:04 Are you worried about blowback?
00:37:45 Streaming will get easier...
00:44:33 Aren't you a big Jordan Peterson fan?
00:51:18 Scientists hate philosophy
01:06:29 Shrooms made Destiny understand depression more
01:19:36 Politics and society, emotional needs

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