Design vs Manufacturing Career Paths (in Structural Engineering)

In this video, Rachel Holland, PE, and Mathew Picardal, PE, SE discuss some of the key difference between design and manufacturing career paths. #StructuralEngineering #CareerPaths #Design #manufacturing

***You can view the show notes for this video here ➡️ https://bit.ly/TSECEp108

0:00 Intro
0:59 Sponsor Menard
1:42 Mathew’s Professional Career Overview
2:21 Rachel’s Professional Career Overview

Questions Asked by Mat:

3:21 Simpson Strong-Tie: An Overview of The Business and Activities in the Industry
4:27 Design Firms vs. Manufacturing: Pros and Cons from Someone Who’s Been There
7:12 The Role of Structural Engineers in Innovating Connectors and Hangers for Lateral Systems
11:29 How the R&D Phase Opens Doors for Engineers in Manufacturing
13:39 Design to Manufacturing: Rachel’s Journey of Inspiration and Transformation
16:28 The Power of Engineering Skills in Multiple Career Paths
20:32 Workflow Dynamics: Design Firms vs. Manufacturing
24:35 Advice for Structural Engineers Who Are Contemplating a Career Path in the Manufacturing Industry

Questions Asked by Rachel:

26:49 Key Considerations for Advancing in Structural Engineering Design Careers
29:25 Balancing Technical Knowledge and Career Growth
29:50 How DCI Engineers Support Licensure and Transitions into Management Roles
30:39 Empowering Engineers’ Journeys to Management Roles Through Support and Development
31:41 The Journey from Managing Small to More Complex Projects
41:08 Sponsor PPI
42:05 How Design Companies Empower Individuals for Future Endeavors and Next Steps
49:13 Career Growth Opportunities in Private Structural Engineering Design Firms vs. Other Sectors
51:49 Key Considerations for Professionals Seeking Jobs in a Design Firm
55:28 Outro

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