Design a future ready Enterprise Agile organization- Agile For HR by Priti Vyas #AgileIndiaLite 2022

In today’s world, as digital transformation has given every area of business both the need and tools for change. Although digital transformation is heavily technology-centered, these are just as much about the people as they are about the technology. 

When an organization is just embarking upon a transformation journey or planning to go beyond projects following agile, the backbone or very strong foundation that often goes unnoticed is the role HR (Human Resource) has to play. The intent here is not to talk about just HR as a function or department but rather as enablement or pivotal role that is very vital for an organization to succeed.

The session is how HR makes a shift towards enabling a traditional organization to move towards transformation. This is about changing the very fabric of an organization, which is changing the work environment for newer ways of working and preparing the workforce for new-age skills. I am going to share about how an organization leveraged will-skill-fill – Wisconsin’s model-based transformation approach towards moving traditional roles into agile roles, learnings, and curriculum aligning to the same. An organization may need a radical shift towards the organization structure, enabling a continual learning environment, sourcing right-fit talent, managing performance, and keeping employees engage remotely.
The session is a culmination of my experience of observing and helping many organizations riding through the change. I shall also be taking the participants through a case study of a large organization taking a design thinking-based approach as a first step towards the journey

Outline/Structure of the Talk
0-1 minutes: Setting the context – transformation
1-2 minutes: Key functions of HR
2-3 minutes: Changing work environment and key contributing considerations
3- 8 minutes: Key aspects and radical shift towards

Flexible organizational structure, continual learning, talent sourcing, performance management, employee engagement and continual improvement

8-18 minutes: Case In Point – A leading Digital services and communication provider
18-20 minutes: Questions and Answers

Target Audience
Leaders, HRs, and anyone dealing with change and disruption. It will also benefit those who have been part of a transformation in some way and want to help their organization navigate to the next level.
More details: https://confengine.com/conferences/agile-india-2022/proposal/16940

Conference Link: https://2022.agileindia.org
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