Deputy Director Shao Bank - Chui Ying Lee | Interview in German

Website: https://shaobank.com
Shao – Hong Kong's high-tech bank established by the management company Global Future Enterprise Group. Since its inception, Shao Bank has successfully coordinated an ecosystem of corporations operating in the fields of technology, investment, advertising and finance worldwide.
Shao Bank Services:
– Shao Bank bonds – corporate securities issued by the organisation to raise funds from customers to expand the Global Future Enterprise Group's corporate ecosystem. They are also excellent investments. They entitle their holder to a guaranteed income at favourable rates. In addition, the bank pays a weekly dividend to the client and repays the value of the securities in proportion to their holding period.
– Deposits with a guaranteed return of 11.5% per annum. Money in customer accounts is insured up to HK$500,000.
– Loans for individuals and legal entities: consumer, mortgage, and business loans.
– Loyalty programme allowing you to build a business network and earn up to 20% from your friends' bond investments.
The bank uses innovative remote banking methods: digital banking, a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) service model, and multi-factor user authorisation methods, as well as regularly introducing new 1-click service technologies. This enables Shao to offer customers the most profitable products in the financial market.
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