Dental Management: Artificial Intelligence, Real Dentistry: AI in Practice | Dec 8, 2021

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Course Description
As AI brings its paradigm-shifting force to bear in dental care, few dentists have been given an honest accounting of how AI will actually impact their work, and fewer still have any first-hand experience of AI in their practices. In this 1-hour live video moderated by Dr. Lou Graham, Dr. Kyle Stanley will dispel the myths and mystery around AI’s current utility to dental offices with a boots-on-the-ground look at AI’s real-world impact on the clinical and business operations of practices currently employing the technology.

Learning Objectives
1. Understand the fundamental strengths and weakness of AI systems
2. Discover what kinds of AI tools are currently available
3. Level-set on the nature and scope of impact that these tools have on clinical care and practice management
4. Understand and learn to avoid certain risk associated with AI tools
5. Learn best practices for leveraging AI tools day-to-day to maximize patient health and practice revenue

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