Denise Truong | NASA's best skills to manage stress in your team

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NASA's mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research. To reach this mission, they build teams of high-potential talent who are trained intensively to adapt to the most dangerous environment for humans: Space. How do they select the best candidates? How do they build the best team to live in the confinement of the International Space Station? How to manage stress in a hostile environment?

In this episode, we will reveal this secret with a special trainer- Denise Truong. As a PCM-certified trainer with 4 years of experience in providing Communication, Leadership, and Management skills, she will give you some valuable insights about the scientifically-validated model to master your communication skills. 

Mô hình Quy trình Giao tiếp là phương pháp được NASA ứng dụng để tuyển chọn phi hành gia, và cũng là giải pháp giúp họ thích nghi được với môi trường làm việc khắc nghiệt ngoài không gian. Vậy, cụ thể PCM là gì? Liệu, PCM có thể giải quyết được những vấn đề mâu thuẫn nhân sự trong môi trường làm việc truyền thống?

Tất cả sẽ được giải đáp bởi khách mời Denise Trương - Founder/CEO TYDE Consulting trong tập tiếp theo của Vietsuccess Growth. Ngoài giải thích về PCM, khách mời cũng sẽ giúp chúng ta “khai sáng” về tính cách kỳ diệu của con người.

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Kịch bản - Scriptwriting | Thảo Nguyễn, Hải Trường
Biên Tập – Editor | Bách Hợp
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00:00 - Guest introduction
01:57 - The mission to spread the PCM method throughout Vietnam and Asian
02:29 - What is PCM?
05:14 - 6 personalities within the human
10:56 - Measure the exact portion of personality in adult
12:46 - Would our base be destroyed?
16:02 - Can parents direct children to one personality that they want?
18:37 - Coming Up
19:15 - Why does NASA choose PCM to select candidates?
22:16 - What are astronauts like?
25:24 - Applying the PCM method to the working environment
26:46 - What if we lose our authentic selves?
29:08 -The difference between PCM and psychometric assessment tools
32:19 - Coming Up
32:46 - Care about yourself first
34:38 - PCM helps to manage stress
35:34 - Is it a “one size fits all” solution?
36:11 - Downside of the PCM method
37:15 - The biggest challenge for those who are applying the PCM method
40:38 - The level of authenticity
43:40 - Ending

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