Deloitte D Space and Identifying Disruption Interview with Oni Prisecaru Pt6of7

00:00:03 Patty
Deloitte was one of the first professional services organisations to realize early on that they needed to innovate to ensure that their services met the needs of an ever-changing, technology driven future. The Deloitte D Space was created as an internal R&D lab, made up of six teams, each led by an engineer to develop new business tools to implement into the business or for use by Deloitte's clients. Each engineering team also had a business lead. The voice between the business at Deloitte and the engineers. Oni was appointed as the Idea CEO for the financial advisory team of the Deloitte D Space in 2019.
00:00:42 Oni
I had the fortunate ability to be offered this opportunity to be the idea CEO for financial advisory and I worked on multiple projects. One of the projects actually was very interesting. This project had started as an idea in the lab and is now being ramped up to be a global solution at Deloitte and I'll say a few things about the tool. It's a mergers and acquisitions sensing tools so this tool can use financial data from the public markets from the private markets use artificial intelligence to amalgamate it all put it into a dashboard that's easily accessible and uses data visualization tools like Tableau in order to predict Who's going to transact next? The tool has proven to be very, very powerful and being part of that ideational to kind of experimentation to prototype and now seeing it kind of go to market. It almost is give me a snapshot into what it's like to be an entrepreneur, right? And that's that experience was so unique because it helped me understand and how tech clients think how their business is run. So apart from my own individual benefits that I've been able to have an opportunity to be part of an R&D lab while being an investment banker which Is totally really not unusual manage I've I've been able to to be able to learn how to treat my clients better and how to understand my clients better, right?
00:02:14 Patty
Deloitte has been on the forefront in anticipating and meeting disruption for the professional services field with innovation, including founding a startup.
00:02:23 Oni
There is additional technology in the accounting and finance field that I know we're embracing from, you know, all spectres of of our practice even when we speak about my audit days even from back then. I know we were employing artificial intelligence contract review technologies.
00:02:41 Patty
Working with new and innovative tools can be exciting, but as AI and technology solutions create more efficiencies, only acknowledges that Deloitte is keen to maintain a human touch as an integral part of their business model, something that he hadn't placed value on as a Co-op student.
00:03:00 Oni
And we are very much old school where we will pick up the phone and call someone and I don't think that's going away anytime soon, but as opposed to relying on email to do everything, you could have a tool that and there are tools that we've looked into, which allow you to kind of streamline the whole process and they while you contact the buyer, they'll be the ones to be able to send the buyer all the documents and the documents are stored in one place, as opposed to having emails scattered everywhere that handles everything right so that that type of focus on ensuring that we have technology that enables the human touch to what we do is the focus that I've seen materialize within our investment banking practice and it's really exciting because you never get the sense that you're falling behind. You always get the sense that you're moving ahead in technology. If you're standing still, you're moving backwards, and so seeing our group adopt these new skills or new technology solutions and new innovations to our practice is really empowering because it does really move you ahead. The human, the human touch side of things is far too. I mean, it's easily overestimate. You can easily overestimate the value of it if you're an engineer and you can simply look at the capabilities of your technology.
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