Delaware Health & Community Updates by Kemal Erkan

Recent updates from the ACO, state of Delaware, and Covid-19 vaccine news.
1--HealthCare Topics
-Covid19 Vaccine
-America’s Vaccine Rollout
-Pediatric and Covid-19
-Delta Variant Facts
-MSSP Benchmarking Challenges
-Perception vs Perspective "Delaware Hospitals"
-Hospital Monopoly in Healthcare
-Private Practice Advocacy
-Hospital interference in State Health Care Operations.
-Healthcare Committees Appointments in Delaware
-Disproportioned Representation of Private Medical Practices
2--Clinical-Chronic Care Management Primary Care Setting
-Hypertension by Dr. Rhoneise Barnett-Smith
-Chronic Kidney Failure by Jennifer Fiscella
-Depression Management by Dr. Carlo Valencia
-Urinary Incontinence in Older Adults by Dr. Maricar Belicena
3-RCM-Medical Billing, Coding & Collections
-RCM and Client Satisfaction
-RCM w Risk Management
-RCM w Clinical Integration
-Cerner SPM
Kemal Erkan is CEO and founder of United Medical, LLC. Since 2000, Mr. Erkan has worked in healthcare management and is a strong proponent in the areas of: Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Accountable Care Organization Management, Medical Practice Administration and Medical Billing. Mr. Erkan holds a BS degree in Business Administration and Political Science from Ankara University in Turkey, and dual MBAs in Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Finance from Goldey-Beacom College in Delaware. He served on the Cerner™ Electronic Medical Record Advisory Board and the Cerner™ Practice Management Advisory Board. In addition, as a previous adjunct professor at Goldey-Beacom College, Mr. Erkan was instrumental in the development and delivery of an undergraduate and graduate program with a concentration in Healthcare Management.

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