DEI Efforts That Really Work (not just look good)

In this episode of the HR Leaders podcast, I'm joined by my guest

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Episode Highlights
00:00 - Using Zooms wallpaper to share Nasdaq's purpose
01:42 - Richards background
03:13 - His role and how companies our waking up to employee experience
06:28 - The pandemic is still a challenge
07:21 - 'Flex days' for Nasdaq employee
10:13 - Reimagine work, not simply copy & paste what we did before
11:25 - Building culture remotely: "You have on whether it's managed or not"
15:41 - The training they give managers to best prepare them for remote managing
18:45 - How to avoid diversity's revolving door
22:14 - Nasdaq's diversity goals
22:58 - HR Leaders Quick Fire Round

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