Degree hai, CR diploma hai, par Job nahi?? #clinicalresearch #degree #diploma #job #nojob #longvideo

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Degree hai, CR diploma hai, par Job nahi??

We were receiving many queries of students that they are not getting jobs even after pursuing the clinical research course. Hence, we have made this video based on this particular situation dubbed- Degree hai, CR diploma hai, par job nahi??. The character of student in this video is not real. We do not have any intention to point out fingers to any institute or their institutional policies.

Want to pursue Clinical research course? We, are the best institute of clinical research in India that offers a range of online clinical research courses. Through this channel, you will get to know, what is clinical research? what are clinical research courses? Its scope, salary , etc. We are the top clinical research institute in India that provide online learning of clinical research courses for students from all over India. Our head office is in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

MS Vijaya Bhakte, Director of CCRSPL has the aim to guide students from various medical backgrounds like M Pharm, B Pharm, BSc, BDS, etc to build a budding career in Clinical research field by pursuing Clinical Research courses. Through these courses, one can opt for jobs like, Clinical research coordinator, Clinical Trial Assistant, Clinical Research Associate, Data Analyst, Project Coordinator, etc.

We have a range of courses to offer like Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research, Advance Diploma in Clinical Research and Masters in Clinical Research.
We not only focus on providing domain specific skills to students but also we focus on their critical thinking skills, communication skills, management skills, behavior, soft skills to boost their confidence. The one on one sessions help maximum students to get a job placement in Clinical Research industries.

All our courses have been taught by industry experts and from rudimentary level.

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