Deepak Gurnani on Building Winning Investment Strategies MHC | 166

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Deepak Gurnani is the Founder and Managing Partner of Versor Investments – $2bn quantitative investment firm. Deepak is the former CIO of Investcorp’s Hedge Fund Group and was one of the founding members in 1996. He was also a member of the Management Committee there. Deepak retired from Investcorp in March 2013. Prior to Investcorp, Deepak Gurnani spent six years with Citicorp. In this podcast we discuss:

Why quantitative over discretionary investing?
How to overcome data-mining and over-fitted backtests
The best way to implement trend following strategies
Mistakes made by trend-followers
What is merger arb and how it works
How to implement a quantitative merger arb strategy
ESG component of merger arb
Why value investing has underperformed
Importance of sector neutrality
How to combine strategies
Thoughts on AI

You can follow Deepak’s at https://www.versorinvest.com/athenaeum/ and at https://www.linkedin.com/in/deepak-gurnani-03551813/
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