Deep Dive w/Scott: Adafruit Learn behind-the-scenes #adafruit

Join Scott as he starts a Learn guide for CircuitPython on Raspberry Pi and answers questions.

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0:00 Getting started
0:05:16 housekeeping
0:12:52 I found an RP2040 with only 1MB of Flash, so too small for your decision to reserve the first MB for the firmware. Would it be possible to have that has a parameter for board?
0:17:06 look for ‘latest’ branch in tannewt’s github reto to find current work
0:18:05 broadcom changes checked into main !
0:19:10 create a learn guide
0:29:25 ive been trying to get WPE running on the pi zero 2w and that has been almost impossible to figure out ( webkit for embedded )
0:20:44 Broadcom stuff caused people to download 20Gb /submodules /and other tricks to reduce download ( fetch submodules )
0:25:27 git fetch submodules should work most of the time ( except… )
0:26:42 debugging circuitpython should be a guide as well
0:28:58 learn building circuit python page
0:29:30 what is “learn”
0:31:00 Any idea why DAC output in esp32 was responding with three different voltage levels with 10s latency to sent signal instead of Linear 256 levels?
0:31:55 - adafruit history
0:40:13 learn guide structure
0:42:23 learn ‘feedback’
0:49:00 For what type of measurments are you using oscilloscope most often? - ( logic analyzers )
0:52:35 Create a new guide
0:52:55 choosing a name for the guide - search for other names
0:58:50 Overview page
1:00:20 Can anyone write these learn guides?
1:06:43 Adafruit NeoSlider, do you have any experience with it to rate readings stability?
1:07:12 Installation
1:31:34 Connecting - USB host/device
1:54:20 assume USB host-iness is not yet part of the CirPyRasPiNoOS?
1:55:33 Switch to ESP / ble workflow
1:56:02 Wrap Up
1:57:50 end-of-stream

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