Deep Dive into Intrapreneurship

I’ve always been fascinated by what makes some people innovative and enterprising – or intrapreneurial – at work, and why some people prefer to be more risk averse and focus on managing the day-to-day, rather than actively seeking to shape the future.

Businesses need both, of course, to be successful.

It was this sheer passion and joy for all things intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship and innovation-related that led me to study for 6 years part-time to achieve my doctorate in my late forties (whilst working full time too).

In this show, I’m going to do a deep dive into intrapreneurship, including:
• What is intrapreneurship, how is it different or similar to entrepreneurship?
• Why and how all businesses benefit from intrapreneurship
• Characteristics of successful intrapreneurs – based on research, including my own
• How to develop intrapreneurial skills in yourself and others
• Intrapreneurial culture
…and much more!

Whilst always grounded in evidence and research, the insights I share will be packed with practical things that you can do to improve intrapreneurship where you work.

As always, I’d love to hear your questions, thoughts and ideas, too – so please do collaborate in the comments.

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