Decision Making Styles

How do you approach decisions? A reflexive decision maker likes to make quick decisions without taking the time to get the information that may be needed and without considering many alternatives. On the positive side, reflexive decision makers are decisive; they do not procrastinate. On the negative side, making quick decisions can lead to waste and duplication.

A reflective decision maker likes to take plenty of time to make decisions, gathering considerable information and analyzing several alternatives. On the positive side, the reflective type does not make hasty decisions. On the negative side, the reflective type may procrastinate, lose opportunities, and waste valuable time and other resources. In the fast-changing environment, making better decisions faster is important to success.

Consistent decision makers tend to make decisions without either rushing or wasting time. They know when they have enough information and alternatives to make a sound decision. Consistent decision makers tend to have the best record for making good decisions. They tend to follow the steps in the decision-making model, which we present soon. However, the consistent decision style can also result in failure.
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