Decentralized Network Governance with Hyperledger Fabric - Tsvetan Georgiev & Yanko Zhelyazkov

Decentralized Network Governance with Hyperledger Fabric - Tsvetan Georgiev & Yanko Zhelyazkov, Senofi Inc

Consortium network governance process is complex and challenging to handle when the network topology includes multiple organizations and nodes spread across cloud providers and different geographical locations. Tsvetan and Yanko from Senofi will share their experience of designing and building a network governance solution for Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) based networks. They will talk about the challenges of the HLF network governance process and the complexity when multiple node vendors are involved in building the network. Tsvetan and Yanko will present the design and details of a decentralized governance solution built with HLF Smart Contracts and integrated with a microservice-based vendor platform. The solution automates the governance process and allows nodes' vendors to introduce user-friendly network topology management capabilities.

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