Decentralization and DAOs | Governance for the Future of NFTreasure / $JADE

What does the future of community-governance look like for NFTreasure, Jade Protocol, and beyond? Let’s discuss!

Welcome back to a Crypto Visionaries episode, we are so excited to get things kicked off with a discussion around decentralization and governance, namely DAOs. Why, you may be asking?

Because we believe that NFTreasure can be a testing ground for DAO tools & structure to give everyone a voice in direction of project—after all, we are all the founders.

Best practices can then bubble up to Jade Protocol & beyond.

But what is a DAO? As a matter of fact, what even is decentralization?

To get things kicked off, we discuss decentralization from a macro lens, then work our way to define what a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is- and everything in between.

Kyren and I suggest brainstorming new ways to implement features from existing DAOs and governance models, so we could Frankenstein something really unique for the protocol. The sky's the limit and we want to hear about it!

Some topics to think about:

- Voting requirements? (Token, NFT, etc).
- What mechanism could we include to incentivize fair voting? (1 token = 1 vote, proportion staked = proportion of say).
- Will there be a DAO involved? (If so what type).
- How will the multiple layers of NFTreasure work together in governance? (think treasure game, marketplace, agency).
- If there are multiple layers, how and will they be agnostic with one another?
- Would creating a council be a good idea?
- How would we vote for the council?

The most important factor is we don’t want an overly complicated governance structure. It’s those who are involved in the ecosystem but don’t yet understand a lot of the jargon, that will stay away from the voting process. Let’s turn the heat up, y’all!
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