DConf '22: Taming Immutable Data Types in D with librebindable - Mathis Beer

D 2.0 added a new const system to the language. But half of that system—immutable—still often leads to errors. That's a shame, as immutable data structures enable more reliable, readable, and testable code. However, with some limited compiler abuse, immutable can generally be made to function. Here's how.

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libRebindable dub package:

libRendindable on GitHub:

Documentation for `std.range.chain`:

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00:00 Title and Introduction
00:19 Domain-Driven Design
02:47 Our traditional code vs. what we would like
06:49 Why we can't use `immutable`
08:57 Why `std.traits.Unqual` is not the solution
10:19 What actually goes wrong if you overwrite `immutable`?
14:16 Possibilities we discarded
16:48 The simplest implementation that could work
18:08 `DeepUnqual` to the rescue!
20:39 Is it secret? Is it safe?
22:59 What librebindable can do
24:39 Proposal: Referenceability is the &root of all evil
27:20 Actually viable proposal: Outright remove immutable struct fields
29:36 Conclusion
30:12 Q: Why don't we solve this at the language level?
31:15 Q: What's the problem trying to be solved here?
32:46 Q about the rvalue proposal
34:22 Q: Why put immutable on the struct declaration?
37:38 Comment about the root problem in the language
41:21 Q about an alternative approach
43:22 Q about Phobos algorithms support for const/immutable/copyable
44:54 Q about another approach
45:42 Outro
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