DC-UPS All In One - Continuity Power Solutions

The ADEL system’s CBI features a range of microprocessor-based power supplies that charge various battery types (open lead, sealed lead, lead gel, Ni-Cd, Li-Ion), optimizing their performance and duration over time. This is a revolutionary line designed to provide uninterruptible power, whatever the system conditions are, through a sophisticated and completely automatic management of any type of industrial battery. Easy to install, these compact devices perform three key functions: Power Supply, Back Up Module and Battery Charger.

The devices are compliant with CEI 0-16 and ENEL DK5600
- Emergency Backup: Audio Backup, Lighting Backup, Greenhouse Control, Portable Equipment, Remote Measurement Station
- Industrial: Water Pumping, Fire Protection Systems
- Security Systems: Automatic Revolving Doors, Access Control, CCTV, Alarms, Emergency Backup, Audio Backup, Lighting Backup, Greenhouse Control
- Telecommunications: Telecom Tower, Base Transceiver Station

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