Day 3: Onboarding and Integration of services and resources in the EOSC Platform

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) enables exchange, composition, monitoring, accounting, and technical support of resources via the EOSC-Core Service Portfolio. In this session we will review the EOSC-Core Resource Model and its components, and highlight the benefits of onboarding resources into the EOSC-Exchange. More specifically, we will describe the EOSC Core architecture, use and benefits for users and providers of the EOSC Resource Catalogue, the EOSC Order Management service, the EOSC Monitoring Service, the EOSC Accounting service for services and research products, and the EOSC Helpdesk.

This session was recorded on 16 November.
More info about the session: https://symposium22.eoscfuture.eu/symposium/onboarding-and-integration-of-services-and-resources-in-the-eosc-future-platform/
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