Day 20 - How To Use Effective Communication To Fight Bias At Work & Beyond

Today we continue diving into Bias at Management Level, and this is the last part.

The examples show how easy is to fall intro the bias traps.
So, watch out! Get yourself prepared so instead of contributing to add more biases to the workplace, you become the one who is able to act to eradicate them.

Let’s recap why we are here… why I’m doing this Challenge.

✅ Bias—whether deliberate or unconscious—is holding women back in the workplace.
✅ It makes it harder for women to get hired and promoted and negatively impacts their day-to-day work experiences.
✅ This hurts women and makes it hard for companies to level the playing field.
✅ Today, we’ll learn concrete steps to address the biases women face head-on.

Bias isn’t limited to gender. Women can also experience biases due to their race, sexual orientation, a disability, or other aspects of their identity.

We all talk about "bias at work and beyond"; we all declare being bias sometime in our lives; we all know that bias can create a toxic, unproductive and rigid environment; we all agree that bias is one of the reasons we don't have more diversity in the workplace but... most of us don't really know how to deal with it, how to eradicate it, or how to react when we become victim of it...

For seven years LeanIn and McKinsey & Company have studied the state of women in corporate America. Their findings are stark; women are less likely to be hired and promoted, and they are more likely to face everyday discrimination and micro aggressions in their workplaces.

In this Challenge I'll use the research from Lean In and McKinsey to share how we can fight bias at work by using an effective communication approach.

Let's discover together how we can become more aware of all forms of bias and how to fight them to build a more inclusive and fair workplace.

Meet me here, everyday at 12h CET.

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