David v Goliath - selling out, partnering, or carrying on - what's next?

Taking your business from series A and start-up to a substantial organisation is an exciting journey. However, it is also at this point in the life-cycle where founders are left questioning: ‘Do we carry on building a strong business?’; ‘Is it time to sell to a trader buyer?’; ‘Shall we become co-owners?’, and more.

In this session, HCR’s tech start up and scale up expert, Tim Ward, shares his legal expertise, and is joined by panelists in the cyber and technology space as they discuss their experience.

Watch this video and you will learn:

- What influences the routes you may go down
- An overview of each growth/ sale process
- How you should prepare for the next steps and what lessons can be learned from those that have been there and done it
- What motivates people to make a decision
- How you can achieve your objectives.
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