DAVE LAUER Interview

Interview with dave and wired. Tons and tons of information but im glad he admitted if everyone listened and ordered to a lit exchange it would solve alot. Problem is eduacting others. Upset that my partner decided to take over most the video and ask most of OUR questions. i was suppose to ask questions he was suppose to summarize daves answers and stop talking so i could ask the next one but thats not how it happened unfortunately . i didn't want to interrupt at any point and seem unprofessional to dave. I will no longer be doing videos with others i will be going back to my dd videos going forward next week. but in the end of the day its not about who asks the questions its about getting the information out to the public. my ego can always take a back seat to that. Thank you Dave for all that amazing knowledge and you wired for your help. wired has giving a lot to this community and he deserves more followers and notice. he has given more to the community than most can ever know and i will always support my fellow ape. Thank you everyone for the patience and enjoy!!!!
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