Data Science in People Analytics | Led by Elizabeth Esarove, AT&T

People are the face, heart, and hands of a company. In people analytics, we analyze data to reveal actionable insights that provide evidence for decisions regarding employees, work, and business objectives. This talk will cover the use of data science for people analytics projects such as workforce planning, improving employee engagement, and retaining talent.

Speaker bio:
Elizabeth Esarove is a data scientist in People Analytics at AT&T. In her role, Elizabeth is part of a larger team focused on embedding data and analytics into the root of decision-making and transforming insights into actionable solutions that improve employee outcomes and drive business value.

*Q&A timestamps listed further below
3:42 - Start of session
5:14 - What is People Analytics
6:26 - Opportunities for Data Science in People Analytics
7:10 - Using Predictive Models to Reduce Attrition
11:10 - Segmenting Your Population
18:55 - Communicating with Leaders
20:11 - Time Series Forecasting for Workforce Changes
24:41 - Analyzing Employee Survey Comments

Helpful Resources Below:
*more follow-up to come with a Q&A blog post in the works
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