Data Science applications in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

So far, organizations have been focusing only on profit. But now, with the aid of some regulations, push from organizations like UN Global Impact and OECD guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the focus is turning towards Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG). Every organization must understand what ESG means to their organizations. Data Science will play a major role in the coming future to make these ESG programs successful. In this presentation, Nathan and Ranjeet will talk about what the major initiatives are in the ESG space and how data science/analytics can help in making these initiatives successful.

About Speakers:

Nathan Done

Nathan is an undergraduate student at Michigan State University majoring in Data Science and is currently an intern at SNA Technologies. Nathan has a passion for sustainability and is doing research to find ways to make the world more sustainable. Nathan is looking to apply Data Science concepts to sustainability so that those programs can be successful with effective and efficient use of data collected and processed. He is also interested in Artificial Intelligence. He also has technical skills in Python and Java related technologies. His other passions are to play basketball and tennis.

Ranjeet Shriwastva:

Ranjeet is a senior IT Professional, bringing about 20 years of insightful leadership experience, in Enterprise Architecture, Data Management, Data Science and Data Engineering, Data Governance and Product Engineering while designing and developing large-scale cutting-edge enterprise products as well as data-intensive enterprise applications. Proficient in managing all human, financial and technological resources. Instrumental in creating end-to-end Technical and Solution Architecture, Architecture Reviews and Maturity Assessments for enterprises across USA, EMEA, SEA, APJ and India. Served customers from across domains like –Healthcare and Life Sciences, Travel, Telecom, BFS, Insurance, Pharma, Defense, Manufacturing and Government
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