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This Partner Showcase features Jim Montgomery from TriVir explaining how Data Policy works in NetIQ Identity Governance (IG).

Data policy is how you can leverage policy rules that interrogate your data and highlight problems as you collect information from your systems.

As a CISO or as a cyber security engineer or analyst or somebody charged with reducing risk in your organization, you would use data policies to help detect missing or bad data in your environment so that you can govern access more effectively. Policies let you take remediation action as a result of detection so you can quickly clean up bad data, ensuring the right data is there in order to run reviews or to address high risk situations. Those actions include email notification, kicking off a micro certification, starting a workflow, or initiating a fulfillment.

NetIQ Identity and Access Management Platform provides comprehensive workforce and customer identity solutions to enterprise scale organizations – leveraging Identity to provide secure access, effective governance, scalable automation, actionable analysis and insight across their Cloud, Mobile, & Data platforms.

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