Data modeling, the secret sauce of building & managing a large scale data warehouse | Citus Con 2022

Video of a talk delivered by Min Wei at Citus Con: An Event for Postgres. Abstract: You are tasked to build a large scale data warehouse. After much reading and listening, you pick the best tech, and load up with data. Fun and profit from now on? In this talk, I will reflect my journey with VeniceDB on how to scale a data system over years from data modeling perspective using PostgreSQL and Citus on Azure. I will cover the types of data and various query design techniques to meet the business requirements of the Windows Telemetry team at Microsoft.

Min Wei is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft working in the Windows Telemetry Metrics Store team. Min has been spending most of his career in the data space like Exchange content management, Hadoop/Hive system, Postgres, and ClickHouse. For the past 5 years he has been passionate about building and operating very large scale data warehouses on PostgreSQL.

► Video bookmarks:
⏩ 01:19 Use case
⏩ 04:13 Data schema
⏩ 06:28 Analytical queries
⏩ 16:40 Data organization
⏩ 20:30 Why Citus?

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