Data Impact Awards 2021 - Security and Governance

On to Security and Governance Leadership. Of course, all of us who work with data know just how important it is to keep that data secure and properly governed. This category recognizes excellence in that area.

And our finalists are:

* Bank of the West - the bank established a data governance and protection framework for customer sensitive information
* Telkomsel - the telecom operator implemented vault-less tokenization technology to secure customer PII data

And the winner is… Bank of the West!!
Bank of the West has established a data governance and protection framework to manage and protect its customers’ sensitive information. With data management and governance control, the platform is helping the bank to modernize its data infrastructure. The platform allows for business analysis, reporting, decision making, and advanced analytics, with trusted data sources for use cases. Now the bank can experiment and scale faster - which positively impacts their ability to innovate, make data-driven decisions, and improve customer services. Congratulations Bank of the West!
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