Data Governance Takes a Village So Why is Everyone Hiding?

Data governance represents both an obstacle and opportunity for enterprises everywhere. And many individuals may hesitate to embrace the change. Yet if led well, a governance initiative has the potential to launch a data community that drives innovation and data-driven decision-making for the wider business. (And yes, it can even be fun!). So how do you build a roadmap to success?

This session will gather four governance experts, including Mary Williams, Associate Director, Enterprise Data Governance at Exact Sciences, and Bob Seiner, author of Non-Invasive Data Governance, for a roundtable discussion about the challenges and opportunities of leading a governance initiative that people embrace. Join this webinar to learn:

- How to build an internal case for data governance and a data catalog
- Tips for picking a use case that builds confidence in your program
- How to mature your program and build your data community
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