Data Driven Organization – Smart management and sharing of data and insights across the organization

We are becoming "a data-driven company,” is a familiar refrain we hear from business leaders.

What is the role of Data Culture in becoming a Data Driven Company?
The panelists will discuss what are the main business and technical challenges. Dealing with distributed data in hybrid & Multi-Cloud environments is often reported as a challenge.
Restructuring and reorganizing data flows and bringing in new ways of working with data can be another challenge. Join us in the discussion and hear more.

Otto Neuer, VP Central Europe at Denodo

Cristina Álvarez López, Insights and Analytics Lead, Philip Morris, Switzerland

Armin Müller, Director, Lidl Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Lidl International, Germany

Justyna Lebedyk, Senior Product Owner Big Data Solutions, Commerzbank AG, Germany

Wim Stoop, CDP Customer and Product Director at Cloudera, Germany

Vanja Tokic, Group Community Lead - Advanced, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence at Raiffeisen Bank International, Austria
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