Data Collection, Compilation, Communication, and Reporting for Project/Study Management

This interagency briefing was scheduled for 40-minutes maximum and will address agency challenges with R & D data integrity and provide best practices for effective design protocols to ensure data quality that minimizes data cleansing delays and costs. Included in this briefing will be a design review of e-Study iAdvantage platform used in support of USDA/EPA studies with strict regulatory compliance and 100% data integrity requirements. The review will include design protocols that can be utilized in scientific studies and trials as well as surveys that require high levels of data integrity with real-time oversight for R&D project management.

Jamie Blackburn
Director of Software Development
iAdvantage Software, Inc.

Jamie brings more than 30+ years of experience to his job of assisting research, clinical, and commercial clients to create and implement business solutions. A knowledge transfer expert, he helps the organizations to identify their program goals and create a platform that delivers on those needs. He uses his background and experience in instructional design, process engineering, and systems delivery as the core of a systematic approach to ensure that business requirements, not technology, are kept at the center of focus. Previously, he has been President of Pstrat, a marketing and delivery company, Vice President of Learning Operations for Synaptis, a knowledge transfer company located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and a former director of GlaxoSmithKline, where he led several key enterprise-wide interactive programs that drove top-line revenue for brand teams.

Kelly Chapman
Plant and Animal Agriculture Scientist
iAdvantage Software, Inc.

Kelly is a life-long member of the agricultural community. Her diverse agricultural involvement includes row crops, specialty crops, horticulture, livestock, and business management.   She has been privileged to work in weed science, traditional plant breeding, DNA/protein/transgenic organisms, plant pathology, and basic agronomic practices.  Her career has involved R&D support roles for Dow, DuPont, F.W. Rickard Seed Company, Bayer CropScience, iAdvantage Software, and American Agricultural Services. 

Kelly holds a Masters’ degree in Crops Science (Plant Breeding & Genetics) from North Carolina State University.

0:00 - Topical Overview: 
- Data Collection Challenges
- Effective Design Framework
- Integrating Scientific Methodology

0:05 - Why are we here?
- Agency Big Data Challenges
- Getting to the true value of data
- Mitigating Lack of Trust

0:10 - Data Collection Framework
- Integrating Scientific Methodology
- Design
- Collection
- Reporting

0:20 - EPA and USDA Safety & Efficacy Case Studies
- Monsanto Malathion
- Bayer

0:30 - Questions & Answers

0:35 - Procurement & Funding Options

0:40 - Closing Remarks
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