DAO Symposium - Governance Behaving Badly

View DAO Symposium Transcripts: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15E9lDxEmBk1mJ-2cFUvd8RXzafTJI-zO?usp=sharing

Just because a DAO is decentralized does not mean that governance is acting in the best interest of the community. DAO governance can be exploited through mechanisms like rug pulls, bribery, Sybil attacks and takeovers. This session will address the governance risks facing DAOs and consider steps that DAOs can take to mitigate those risks.

DAOs just may be the tech buzzword of the year. With everyone from celebrities to VCs to crypto enthusiasts talking about DAOs, it is not surprising that more and more DAOs are launching every week. But just because you want to create a DAO, does that mean you should? And what are the steps needed to build and operate a business as a DAO? This session will consider whether and how to create a DAO, including what blockchain and DAO management tools you should use, how to launch the DAO in a fair and equitable way, and how to build a community around the DAO.
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