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Daniela Landherr is a top global Expert on Talent-Management and Leadership. Daniela Landherr provides the inspiration, experience and skills to transform your culture and organization. Daniela Landherr inspires, teaches and activates people.

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: +49 (0)6032 785 93 93

For 15 years, Daniela Landherr was Head of Talent-Management EMEA of Gooogle. As a global leader in a multinational technology company, a lecturer in academia, and a corporate board member, Daniela Landherr brings unique skills to lead transformative and customized workshops and applies her extensive experience to create engaged, innovative, and high-performing teams and organizations.

To transform leadership and work cultures, Daniela Landherr offers leadership trainings and workshops, in addition to speeches and keynotes, based on previous analysis and research, providing tools to develop people, teams and organizations.

Daniela Landherr knows how to inspire an audience. An expert in inclusive culture and innovation, she is a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences and corporate events.

Book Daniela Landherr for your conference with The Premium Speakers Agency, Phone +49 (0)6032 785 93 93
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